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//Social Listening//

Apple in the News//

The brand that I selected was apple due to its anticipated launch of the iPhone 8. The phone is expected to launch a little later this year and fans of the product are actually happy about this due to a few things that have been circulating about the new phone. Most people would be upset when something that is regular to them with a product they like becomes irregular. A few things being talked about is that Samsung, who makes the screens for Apple, has said they are having some issues being able to finish the screen that Apple wants. This means that Apple is requesting a screen that could be revolutionary and the only other company that competes with them in the smartphone field can't fulfill this request. Another thing that has been rumored is that the new phone is going to have two batteries instead of one. Battery life will always be a concern for customers and a large factor in phone purchase decisions. Samsung phones are known to have a little longer battery life than iPhones so this new rumor could be huge for Apple. One last thing being talked about with the new phone is that it will finally have wireless charging, which apple has never done. I also couldn't find much on people talking about the new iPhone other than a few tweets speaking on the rumored features. Most articles just speak on rumor as well. 

/Value Proposition/
The value proposition for this is that customers are reacting positively to Apples' new product, even if some things are still rumors. Also, the proposition is that these new features will set Apple even further apart from the competition by being innovative even more so than they usually are. 

/Marketing Implication/

Implications from this article show that Apple is really trying to reach back to their customers who love Apples originality and innovation. Apple is trying to show customers and the consumer world that they are really the leader in the smartphone industry, even those this is obvious by sales. It has been a back and forth game of tag, whats next, with Samsung. So Apple is trying to really regenerate the love that brought them to the top with this next phone, making it as perfect as they can, taking as much time as they need to get it right this time. 

/My Response/

If I was Apples brand manager I would run with the positives from these rumors. Even if some of the rumors don't pan out fully or aren't what customers expect, these things being said are only getting Apple more free marketing. I would respond by only making sure that Apples' image is improved by all of this, trying to regain the confidence that the iPhone 7 torn down somewhat. Being innovative is hard because you have to respond to trends and when it comes to technology you never know whats next unless you are the one creating that trend. So when it comes to Apple, they have to stay ahead of the curve as they usually do. 

//Marketing in the News//

Instagram Stories//

Instagram introduced its story feature a little later in the year last year to try and keep up with Snapchat in their battle with each other. I believe this was a smart move because Instagram seems to be a little more popular on the social media front because of how versatile it is. Seeing someone like your photo or video gives someone a sense of "happiness" which is appreciated by most young people nowadays. Businesses love when they get likes because it is a sense of marketing that is almost free. So having this story option gives another up to Instagram even if it is a sense of copying Snapchat. The marketing challenge for this has been to try and innovate and improve what Snachat has already done with their story feature. When you take something and try and make it different you will always have a challenge with making something better than its predecessor. I believe that Instagram has done a good job with this because everyone already loves this app and so adding a feature from another app that people enjoy only makes using Instagram more enticing. The Value Proposition with this is that it gives users a sense of ease in the app because you aren't having to shuffle back and forth between apps to use a feature that is now on the already popular Instagram. It also has a few editing features which Snapchat does not. This gives it an edge because of the fun in making a story now. What did I learn? I learned that when marketing a product, or an app, in this sense, you can build on what you know is successful. Using consumers hope for ease will always give you an edge over competition when it comes to marketing. 

Here are the links to the article and an introduction to the stories feature~

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