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The brand that I selected was apple due to its anticipated launch of the iPhone 8. The phone is expected to launch a little later this year and fans of the product are actually happy about this due to a few things that have been circulating about the new phone. Most people would be upset when something that is regular to them with a product they like becomes irregular. A few things being talked about is that Samsung, who makes the screens for Apple, has said they are having some issues being able to finish the screen that Apple wants. This means that Apple is requesting a screen that could be revolutionary and the only other company that competes with them in the smartphone field can't fulfill this request. Another thing that has been rumored is that the new phone is going to have two batteries instead of one. Battery life will always be a concern for customers and a large factor in phone purchase decisions. Samsung phones are known to have a…

Week 1 about Me/ Marketing in the News 1

A little about me and my marketing interests..
What prompted you to enroll in this course?         - I was prompted to join this class because it is one of the few classes available at LBCC that   pertains to my major. I read the syllabus and it was a course that was very hands on and seemed as if it would give me experience instead of just studying what others are doing in marketing.  Are you a business/marketing major? - Yes, I am going to be a marketing major at OSU when I transfer. For now I am obtaining a transfer degree and raising my GPA. What are you most interested in learning about marketing? - I am most interested in social media and product marketing. I hope to get a career within the music industry either working for a record label or a promotion company. There is a company that puts on festivals and events in the northwest and that is one I hope to work for. Marketing is involved within every aspect of the music industry because it is all about marketi…